Angola-Zim to boost trade


Angola-Zim to boost trade
By Chengeto Chidi
ZIMBABWE and Angola are working on plans to boost trade between the two country’s.
Angolian Ambassador to Zimbabwe Agostinho Tavares da Silva Neto said there were plans being put in place to boost trade between the two nations.
Speaking after presenting his credentials to President Emmerson Mnangagwa, Silva Neto he has discussed plans to create a Angola-Zimbabwe Chamber of Commerce to improve in trade
“And maybe in future to create Angola-Zimbabwe Chamber of Commerce to facilitate trade because Angola and Zimbabwe we have potential great potential we must explore and work together, ” he said.
He called for Angola and Zimbabwe to engage each other in a number of areas including tourism, agriculture and education.
“We must work together to explore the opportunities because there his a lot of opportunities in areas like agriculture, tourism, education and industry.
Da Silva Neto commended the relationship between Zimbabwe and Angola which dates back to the liberation struggle.
“We discussed that Zimbabwe is a brotherhood country and the relationship between Angola and Zimbabwe is in excellent shape, “he said,
“I talked with His Excellency President Mnangagwa about the relationship between our two countries and the potential we have.”
He also hinted on the resuscitation of
the joint commission between the two African countries which has been non-existent for more than two decades,
“We talked also about to reactivate the joint commission between our two countries.
“The only joint commission we had was in 1992 a long time ago so we need to reactivate the joint commission, ” da Silva Neto said.
Dignitaries who also handed in their credentials and held discussions with the president we’re representatives from Federation of Russia, Sweden, United Arab Emirates, the United Nations, Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Finland, Sri Lanka, Norway and Burkina Faso.
Discussions held were mainly centred on how to improve in development through trade, agriculture and mining.