Defiant Tsenengamu faces Zanu PF


By Chengeto Chidi/Petronilla Mukamuri
FORMER ZANU-PF youth league political Commissar Godfrey Tsenengamu, suspended from the pasty Wednesday, stepped up the pressure on President Emmerson Mnangagwa calling on him to act against corruption.
Addressing the media, two days after being fired for addressing the media, Tsenengamu said that he will not be silenced by ZANU-PF’s politiburo and instead will amplify his voice until corruption is eradicated.
‘’ We want to see a corrupt free Zimbabwe, the downfall of blood sucking vampires in the name of cartels,’’ he said.
Tsenengamu who appeared to have been dumped by his ally former deputy secretary of the youth league Lewis Matutu also suspended from the executive for a year, as he addressed a press conference which could lead to his dismissal.
He said although he is not going to challenge his dismissal from the Zanu PF’s central Committee and the youth league in an
Unprocedural manner, where he was not offered a chance to defend his position, he would not confirm to the decision to send him to the Chitepo Ideological School.
“I am not going to go to Chitepo ideology school for drilling, I know the party ideology already, I am up there, the party stands for the people not for a few, it does not stand for a few,” he said.
Tsenengamu who lost his job at Zanu PF which came with privileges, perks such as top of the range SUV cars, fuel, air time and access to all government ministers and presidency said he will die for the fight against corruption.
He dismissed Mnangagwa’s Political Actors Dialogue (Polad) saying it held no solutions to the ailing economy and asked his party boss to find time to have a conversation with MDC leader Nelson Chamisa.
He said only dialogue between Mnangagwa and Chamisa would help restore Zimbabwe’s economy calling on citizens to desist from cheering political leaders into conflict but rather adapt the same attempts as in the case of late Robert Mugabe and Morgan Tsvangirai where rivalry was set aside through  ignition by ordinary people through protests and demonstrations .
‘’This is not confined to ZANU PF but also MDC ,we are not against one party but fighting against corruption, Zimbabweans must be worried of being used and achieve nothing .We want to see if ED and Chamisa shake each others’ hands ,will they dissolve ,’’Tsenengamu said.
Tsenengamu also called on everyone to join his fight against corruption saying there needs to be a multi sectoral approach.
‘’The students, civil society ,war veterans if they choose to be part of this fight, young miners ,entrepreneurs ,everyone  the church are being invited to constitute what we have termed the Zimbabwe Anticorruption Taskforce, the fight has to become a citizen fight, ‘’he said.