Getting to Grips with the ‘Back to School’ Fever


Family Matters

Our inaugural show was based on the ‘Back to school’ phenomenon, and presented us with an
opportunity for an open discussion wherein mothers of little ones called in, did voice notes and
texted about how eventful their first week of the school term was.
Naturally, the topics ranged from transport blues, balancing between school run and getting to the
office on time, lunchboxes, working from home and house chores, as well as sleep, bath and
homework routines.
We had with us a young couple; Chido and Kuda Pfende as guests, as well as a glimpse of the
diaspora courtesy of a call in mum based in Perth, Australia.
It was fascinating to note the differences between the Zimbabwean system and that offered in the
diaspora; whilst generally the support system here is more pronounced, our fellow counterparts
abroad rely entirely on themselves to do everything for their children.
We had an interesting perspective from a mother of five, whose eldest son has just started boarding
school. The separation anxiety between mother and child as well as the siblings, the gap left back
home, as well as the obvious financial strain cannot be ignored.
The aforementioned factors made our very first episode that much more interesting and hopefully
just as relatable, something that we hope to carry on doing for many episodes to come!