Government, Council clash looms over Glen View 8


By Chengeto Chidi

A potential clash looms between government and Harare City council after the Joint Operations command (JOC) through Minister of State for Provincial Affairs, Oliver Chidawu announced it taking over Glen View 8 Industrial Complex to build trading stales.

Chidawu in the company of uniformed soldiers from the presidential guard, descended on Glen View 8 to assess the operations of markets, where he said they are working towards building proper stalls that will accommodate everyone at the complex

”We will see to it that we bring back the stall owners who are now operating outside of the complex but we have to first discuss with those who have stalls in the complex and discuss their challenges so that business is not halted but is done in order maybe the best thing would be to look for space to build that will accommodate everyone with proper structures so for now we want the complex to have order,” Chidawu said.

He invited the complex committee members to visit his offices in order to discuss the way forward concerning infrastructural developments at the complex saying it can be a hub to nurse industrialists who need support.

The stalls are under the control and direction of council, but Chidawu toured the area without any council officials or councillors, with Mayor Jacob Mafume saying he was unaware of the visit.

MDC Alliance, local government secretary Sesil Zvidzai, said central government continued to violate the Constitution which provides for devolution, by straddling into the operations of local councils.

“They keep micro managing local authorities, they are the ones who procure for councils, employ for councils and yet when things fail, they blame the MDC Alliance which runs the councils,” he said.

Management committee at the complex raised concern over security at the complex but said they have managed to clear the complex as per covid regulations and paving way for vehicles especially fire brigade engines since the area has been known to have fire breakouts over the years

“We procured disinfectants, more than 500 litres of hand sanitizers, and 5 thermometers to test everyone entering the complex. In addition to that, we also bought a 5000-litre water tank. There is adequate water for the toilets and other uses. We have also engaged the City of Harare and worked out a framework for payment of our debt for rates whilst settling current obligations,” said Tawanda Chanakira, Secretary of the Management Committee of the Glenview 8 Industrial Complex.