US pours USD$5 million for youth



THE United States has come to the aid of unemployed Zimbabwean youths, after launching, the Local Works Zimbabwe Youth Program, in a bid to create life changing opportunities.

America, through the, United States Agency for International Development (USAID) poured in US$5 million, which it says will be aimed at bettering the lives of youth through job creation.

Speaking during a Local Works Zimbabwe Stakeholder meeting, USAID/Zimbabwe Mission Director, Art Brown spoke of supporting the youth and building leaders out of them.

“USAID would like young people to take the driver’s seat. Our approach under the Local Works Program is slightly different from the traditional method of development program design and implementation. We want you as young people to take the lead in defining and addressing the diverse challenges you face so that we support you to meet your social and economic needs,” Brown said.

The Youth Program will come as a relief to the youth who are suffering owing to the deteriorating economy and high levels leaving a huge percentage of them unemployed and resorting to drug abuse.

Since Zimbabwe attained its independence in 1980, the American people through the USAID have contributed over US$3, 2 billion in assistance to Zimbabwe. Current projects include initiatives to increase food security, support economic resilience, improve health systems and services, and promote democratic governance. A recent study by the Youth empowerment and transformation Trust found that 93 percent of young women are not formally employed so the Youth Program will also prioritize the girl child as they are the most vulnerable than any other youth group in the country.