#HealthTuesdays: Tips For Staying Sane During The Current Pandemic.


In times of global crisis like this where human lives are in peril due to the exponential spread of #COVID19, #selfcare is a top priority. Here are some tips for #stayingsane during the current pandemic:

1. Drink enough water, dehydration can heighten stress

2. Make sure you are in bed by a decent time, switch off the internet, manage your time on social media and news websites.

3. Have things that make you feel good, the better you the fewer chances of getting low and anxious. Anxiety and stress literally lower your immunity and running on adrenaline is not a long-term option.

4. Wear clothes that lift your spirits and if you are stuck at home because you need to self-isolate don’t slob around in pajamas unless you are ill.

5. Eat well, leafy greens, protein, and root vegetables are a great starting place. When you cook consider cooking double or triple amounts so that you have enough to freeze. This is making the most of your personal resources.

6. If you cannot get out it is important to still do some exercise. Find videos on #YouTube or if you have some gym equipment in the corner of the room now is the time to dust them off and use them for their intended purpose.

7. Choose the people you connect with carefully, if you know that someone can, “bring you down” it is sensible to minimize contact with them.

8. Tend those house plants, move furniture round if you need to improve or create a home-working space. Create a nurturing and practical space for yourself this will make you feel better.

9. Conserve your personal energy and do what keeps you in a good and useful place. This means saying NO when you need to and being kind to yourself.

10. And last but not least, reach out if you are struggling, call that friend or hop onto Skype or Zoom for a chat and a virtual coffee.